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Is an engineering degree course at RUB the right choice for you?

Find out using the RUBCheck!

At RUB, you can choose between six different Bachelor’s degrees in engineering disciplines. While those degree courses differ in some respects, they also have many aspects in common!

Using the RUBCheck ING, you will be able to acquaint yourself with the engineering degree courses at RUB in general and identify your strengths and areas for improvement. The RUBCheck will thus help you weigh up the pros and cons of an engineering degree course and indicate how to prepare for it. Please note that you won’t get a full overview over an engineering degree at RUB unless you complete all modules.

Subsequently, you will have the option to take a closer look at individual engineering degrees via subject-specific RUBChecks.

Expectations Insights
Check if and to what extent your expectations of an engineering degree course are realistic. Take a closer look at the engineering degree courses.
Prior knowledge
Find out if you have any prior knowledge relevant to an engineering degree course.